How to set a scene in BDSM

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The dungeon in BDSM is very important. You have to know how to place it, how to introduce the tools and so on. If you have to set a scene in your own bedroom, there are elements that you shouldn’t forget.
Take care of the lights firstly. You need sufficient light to see what you are doing in a D/s scene but you also don’t want bight lighting to hurt your eyes. So choose a weak bulb and let it turned on. Or you could install a dimmer so you can adjust the light the way you want. They also have remotes for controlling the light.
You can also use different colors for the light. Reddish could be just perfect, but try to find something that will now hurt your eyes after a while. You want to feel the intensity of the scene, not the power of the light in your eyes. You could also try something blue because blue could not hurt your view.
Then there it comes the problem of the sound. If you want to forget about the noises coming from outside or about the bed springs and so on, you should pick some music as a background of your scene. Contemporary music is good enough. Make a playlist with songs you like, songs that help you concentrate. Because you will need to pay attention to the scene, not to the music. So keep the volume down and see how it works for you and your partner. There are D/s free sex chat couples who like to intensify their moves or their pleasure but the music beats. You could try it too.
Take care of the temperature too. You don’t want to be too cold or too hot in the room. Keep it at a comfortable basic temperature and you won’t have any problems.
Buy new sheets for the bed, make sure you have enough pillows and clean the floor just in case you want to stay down on your knees. You could also need a chair for a spanking role play, but make sure it’s a comfortable one. An armchair could be good too. Make sure you have all the toys needed around you so it won’t be difficult to find them.
In conclusion, setting the scene for a D/s role adult cam play it is not that hard to do. Just find a bulb you like, some nice CDs and everything will be just fine. Some nice details could change the atmosphere for you.

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The love of being the center of attention

This kind of sex cam fetish has been present for a long time now and some believe that they have proof that certain famous people from the Second World War era had this kind of fetish and acted on it. Let`s take for example the German leader of the time, Adolf Hitler, one of the most cruel men to have ever existed and quite insane as we have been told and could understand from his actions during his life. Apparently, Mister Hitler had more than just a chronic madness, he also had this type of fetish  onlinegaycams and this is why he loved holding speeches so much. Apparently there have been traces of semen found around the areas where he had held many of his speeches and this is due to the fact that he had been so aroused by all the attention that he was getting from the crowd that he had masturbated while speaking. This is just one case that experts think might be possible, but there are many more that could have had this kind of fetish among the tyrant leaders of the world, since they all had this extreme affinity to being the center of everyone`s attention.

The people that have this fetish consider that the meaning of their life is to be there, in the center of everything and to be admired, or at least looked at if not admired. So any kind of situation that would put them in the attention of a crowd of people is very much welcome. Actually, they might even try and create scenarios that would lead to something like this, even if they risk getting locked up, either in jail or in a mad house. This idea that they have, that they can only be themselves and be important on stage is of course very wrong, because if they are on stage they might get the attention that they require or not, because people are not always interested in such things. And the fact that they think that when they are on stage they are the most important is just as wrong, because if they are on stage they are just another actor and people will clap for them or not and once they are off the stage, they become a thing of the past.

Some people love this thing so much that they are willing to do anything to get it, even be publicly humiliated. Because for them, the attention is the key, no matter if it is good or bad attention that they attract on themselves on So they pay mistresses to humiliate them and treat them like crap in public, just so that they can be looked at and laughed at by complete strangers. Everything about them is being humiliated, especially their sex organs. Every insecurity they might have is revealed and stepped on. But it does not matter for them, because this is what they want and as long as they are in the spotlight, they feel good.

Fetishes that are not practical at all

Everyone has at least one soft fetish or a weird fetish or a hard one. It’s only up to you how you manage them not to affect you, your sex life or your partner. There are some fetishes that are just too weird or gross and if you have them you should go see a doctor.
One of them is the one related to cooking people and eat them. Yes, there are people who would roast a friend just to get turned on. That is not only impractical, but also dangerous and illegal. So don’t try it. Ever. Instead you could see some movies or cartoons where people become food and that should be enough.
Then there is this fetish about fucking ghosts. Have you ever happened to see yourself in a ghost porn or something like that? That is just wrong and kind of impossible. You could try masturbating in the cemetery or at the morgue but that will make you more of a necrophiliac. And that is just as sick as ghost fucking.
Have you ever heard of robot fetish live sex? Yes, that exists too. There are people who would love to fuck a robot. Or at least someone costumed as one. Remember those guys obsessed with technology? They may have a robot fetish but they don’t want to admit it. But who would?
Then there are those obsessed with giants. There is nothing wrong with that, more than that, it’s probably a normal fetish. But it’s rather hard to find a giant to satisfy you. Again, watch a movie with giants like “Jack and the Beanstalk” and imagine your wife is one or things like that.
And another weird and not at all practical fetish: car fetish. It’s just impossible to fuck a car. But you could as your girlfriend to have jasmin live sex shows in your car anytime you are in the mood. Explain her your fetish and if you are lucky she will understand.
I am not saying that there is something wrong about fetishes but some of them are just horrible and they could hurt other people, so take care of the others around you when you decide to fulfill such a fantasy.